Welcome to Shrinestone, the provider of personalized memorial and tribute videography. We offer video and photo coverage for family visitations, funerals, wakes, graveside services, life documentaries, and celebrations of life.



The presentation (lifetime video or slide show) is unique to your loved one and entire family. Items are gathered such as photos, slides, video, or other mementos, then carefully organized into the sequence that you decide upon. The presentation is delivered in a timely manner to suite the needs of your service, or placed online for retrieval as long as you'd like.

Tribute Presentations are typically offered prior to the service during the family visitation, or during the service as a supplement to the eulogy. Online placement is typically longer term, uploaded to the hosting service of your choice, such as Youtube™, Vimeo™, Facebook™ or other.

In each and every case, length, visual preference, and musical context can vary, so please feel free to inquire with regard to your own needs at the time of the project production.

Service Coverage

Visual coverage (life or recorded) is crucial on the day of your event. We take the time needed to pre-plan and arrange the best production with family members and facility managers before and during the life celebration.

On Site

Live or recorded coverage is tailored to meet the family's request, with the exact amount of image gathering desired. We understand the need to remain in the background and not interrupt the service while providing the most sensitive imaging possible.

Post production is usually completed within three days of the event, and can be delivered on disc, portable drive, or online. Please call or use the Contact form with any questions concerning cost and availability.

Products and Resources


We offer four general tiers of service, and since your individual material and needs will vary, each package can be modified to suit your particular circumstance. For additional information, please use the contact link at the top of this page to obtain a more detailed rate sheet (PDF format).

Image Coverage during the service - All photos assembled into online galleries and made available following the event.


Package starts at $450 (200 images)

Image Coverage during the service, with selected video (up to 10 minutes) during the service - Photos assembled into online galleries, and video made available for online streaming.


Package starts at $650 (200 images with video)

Image and Video coverage up to 1 hour - Photos assembled into online galleries, and video made available for online streaming.


Package starts at $950 (custom image count and video length)

Image and Video coverage for all services (visitation, funeral, wake, and graveside). All images and video assembled into online galleries, online streaming*, and disc authoring.


Package starts at $1150 (custom image count and video length)

Program 1

Program 2

Program 3

Program 4

Available When Needed

If you need service coverage right away, or if you'd simply like to discuss the different presentation plans available. All contact-form inquiries will receive a response within 24 hours.

The Visual Experience

We provide multiple cameras during service coverage to make the experience more personal, while maintaining enough distance to allow privacy for on-site participants. Services and Celebrations of Life can be completed as photo-only, live streamed, or recorded for later access.


Contact us anytime. Needs are abrupt, and arrangements can be made in as little as 24 hours.

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